d2h brings 20 new combo packs; 9 other packs to be discontinued

There are 7 Dual Language, 8 Regional, 1 National, and 4 Introductory packages that have been added on the platform with prices starting at as low as ₹ 84.75 per month.

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Dish TV owned Direct to Home (DTH) operator d2h has launched 20 new combo packs on its platform, some of these packs are under introductory offer and providing 200 channels at discounted NCF rates. d2h is also soon going to discontinue 9 of its combo packs.

d2h brings 20 new combo packs; 9 other packs to be discontinued

There are 7 Dual Language, 8 Regional, 1 National, and 4 Introductory packages that have been added on the platform with prices starting at as low as ₹ 84.75 per month. 

d2h Regional Combos

Aamara Odia Combo, Hamara Punjabi Plus HD Combo, Hamara Punjabi Plus SD Combo, MP CG Ka Combo, Sentamizh 6M with Mega, Silver Gujarati Combo New, Hamara UP Combo and Hamara UP HD Combo are the newly added regional combos. 

Pack NameNumber of ChannelsMonthly Price
Aamara Odia Combo228Rs 225.42
Hamara Punjabi Plus HD Combo272Rs 405.93
Hamara Punjabi Plus SD Combo271Rs 217.19
MP CG Ka Combo257Rs 303.39
Hamara UP Combo254Rs 278.81
Sentamizh 6M with Mega141Rs 187.29
Silver Gujarati Combo New228Rs 186.44
Hamara UP HD Combo254Rs 413.56
Silver Combo New224Rs 191.53

d2h Dual Language Combos

For customers who are multilingual and prefer to watch channels of more than one language, d2h launched 7 plans namely Dual Language Kannada Tamil Combo, Dual Language Kannada Telugu Combo, Dual Language Malayalam Tamil Combo, Dual Language Tamil Kannada Combo, Dual Language Tamil Malayalam Combo, Dual Language Tamil Telugu Combo, and Dual Language Telugu Tamil Combo.

Pack NameNumber of ChannelsMonthly Price
Dual Language Kannada Tamil Combo230Rs 227.97
Dual Language Kannada Telugu Combo248Rs 253.39
Dual Language Malayalam Tamil Combo220Rs 211.02
Dual Language Tamil Kannada Combo230Rs 219.49
Dual Language Tamil Malayalam Combo232Rs 219.49
Dual Language Tamil Telugu Combo218Rs 219.49
Dual Language Telugu Tamil Combo220Rs 211.02

d2h Introductory Value Combos

d2h has also launched 4 Introductory Value Combo packages that are available on a promotional basis with 200 channels at discounted Network Capacity Fee (NCF). These pack prices are ranging from Rs 84.75 to Rs 109.32 per month but may come with a long lock-in period.

Pack NameNumber of ChannelsMonthly Price
Introductory Value Combo 1 Year Offer Pack200Rs 84.75
Introductory Value Combo 3 Month Offer Pack200Rs 99.15
Introductory Value Combo 6 Month Offer Pack200Rs 93.22
Introductory Value Combo Offer Pack @129200Rs 109.32

Dormant Packs

Apart from new launches, the operator is going to remove 9 packs from its offerings namely Dual Language Karnataka AP HD, Dual Language Karnataka AP SD, Dual Language Kerala TN HD, Dual Language Kerala TN SD, Dual Language TN AP HD, Dual Language TN AP SD, Hamara Punjabi, Silver Combo and Silver Gujarati Combo. All these packs are suffixed with the name ‘Dormant_APR20’.

These packs are most likely going to be removed since Silver Combo New and Silver Gujarati Combo New have been launched in place of Silver Combo Dormant_APR20 and Silver Gujarati Combo Dormant_APR20. Similarly, d2h has introduced new Dual Language and Hamara combos as a replacement.

Pack NameNumber of ChannelsMonthly Price
Dual Language Karnataka AP HD Dormant_Apr20220Rs 360.17
Dual Language Karnataka AP SD Dormant_Apr20220Rs 273.73
Dual Language Kerala TN HD Dormant_Apr20207Rs 316.95
Dual Language Kerala TN SD Dormant_Apr20207Rs 238.98
Dual Language TN AP HD Dormant_Apr20217Rs 372.03
Dual Language TN AP SD Dormant_Apr20217Rs 267.08
Hamara Punjabi Dormant_Apr20259Rs 293.22
Silver Combo Dormant_Apr20209Rs 181.36
Silver Gujarati Combo Dormant_Apr20215Rs 188.98

DreamDTH had earlier reported the introduction of low-cost South packages New Kananda Non Sun, New Telugu Non Sun, and Tamizha Combo which have reduced NCF to tackle Sun Direct’s aggressive pricing down South.

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  1. No new packages for marathi viewers
    All d2h combos of marathi are costly than including all combo packs
    Tatasky pack of 340 have all channels shich d2h provides at 540 rs
    Really d2h is pathetic

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