d2h starts implementing NTO 2.0; offers 4 slabs based NCF

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After Tata Sky and Airtel Digital TV started the implementation of the New Tariff Order 2.0 (NTO 2.0) Dish TV owned Direct to Home (DTH) operator d2h has joined them by starting the implementation of the amended Tariff Order. The DTH operator is offering 4 slabs based NCF system.

d2h starts implementing NTO 2.0; offers attractive slab based NCF

The DTH operator has revised its Network Capacity Fee late last night to make it compliant with Tariff Amendment Order 2020. d2h has declared the NCF for the initial 200 channels for the primary connection at Rs.130 + Taxes (Rs.153.40 incl Taxes) per month.

While other DTH operators only have two slabs based NCF, d2h is offering 4 slabs based NCF. While d2h will charge the same NCF as others for 200 channels, it will only charge maximum NCF when the subscribers choose over 221 channels compared to other DTH operators which will charge maximum NCF for 201 channels and above.

Subscribers choosing 201-210 channels will pay Rs 140 plus taxes as NCF. Those choosing 211-220 channels will pay Rs 150 plus taxes as NCF while those choosing over 221 channels will pay Rs 160 plus taxes as NCF. The channel count includes all FTA + Paid Channels (except DD Channels).

Sr. NoChannel CountNCF payable by Subscriber (Rs.)(taxes extra)
 1Up to 200130
 2201 – 210140
 3211 – 220150
 4> 221160

The Multi TV NCF of the company remains unchanged since it already complies with the regulator’s direction on Multi TV NCF. d2h will continue to charge a flat NCF of Rs 50 plus taxes for all multi TV connection. Subscribers will have the option to take any channel/bouquets available on the platform. Subscribers will be offered the mirror channels but will have the option to take any channel/bouquets he/she wants.

While Tata Sky and Airtel Digital TV are charging 40% of the primary connection NCF as multi TV NCF, d2h will only charge Rs 50 flat NCF. d2h’s multi TV policy will continue to remain the most attractive multi TV policy in the market. At the time of publishing this article, Dish TV remained the only DTH operator to revise its NCF in line with NTO 2.0.

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