Dangal Kannada and Azaad get I&B Ministry nod to launch a Satellite TV channel

Enterr10 Group and Beginnen Media have been given the nod by the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting (MIB) to launch Dangal Kannada and Azaad respectively. The approvals have come just few days back from the I&B Ministry which seems to have granted many approvals recently.

Dangal Kannada and Azaad get I&B Ministry nod to launch a Satellite TV channel

Beginnen Media has been given the green light to launch Azaad which will be a non-news channel that has been granted permission to broadcast in Hindi, English, Marathi, and all Indian scheduled languages. The fresh license was granted two days ago to Beginnen Media.

Apart from that I&B Ministry has given nod to Enterr10 Group to launch another new channel with Prashavnath Media’s Jai Paras TV license getting renamed as Dangal Kannada. Enterr10 Group seems to have sub-let another license after Enterr10 Group seemingly sub-let Live India’s Wave Wings license which has been renamed to Enterr10 Rangeela.

Enterr10 Group recently also got the nod to rename its ‘Enterr10’ license to ‘Enterr10 Movies‘ and ‘Shandaar Cinema’ license to ‘Enterr10’. Both the channels have already rebranded while Enterr10 Rangeela and Dangal Kannada now seem to be next in line for launch.

The Ministry has separately given Zee Entertainment the nod to launch 4 new channels with its green signal for a satellite TV license to Zee Rang, Zee Zabardast, Zee Picchar HD, and Zee Thirai HD more than a week ago. 

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