Devotional and News Channels dominate DD Free Dish MPEG-4 Auction

The 46th DD Free Dish E-Auction for allotment of MPEG-4 slots on an annual basis has seen Hindi News channels and Hindi Devotional channels once again dominate the lineup. Out of the 15 slots bagged in the MPEG-4 E-Auction, Hindi Devotional and Hindi News channels account for 93.33% of the slots i.e 14 MPEG-4 slots with Punjabi News channel Chardikala Time TV being the odd one out.

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ITV Network’s regional news channels have entered DD Free Dish among others, with many channels retaining their MPEG-4 slots. Samay, Sudharshan News, India News, Live Today, India News UP/UK, India News Haryana, News State UP/UK, India News MP/Chhattisgarh, VIP News, Chardikala Time TV, Sanskar, Aastha, Vedic, and Satsang have been allotted MPEG-4 slots on an annual basis.

Sanskar, Aastha, Vedic, Chardikala Time TV, Live Today, Sudharshan News and Samay have retained their MPEG-4 slots while other channels are new entrants.

The MPEG-4 slots are priced lesser than the MPEG-2 slots given the less reach of MPEG-4 channels on DD Free Dish since most of the DD Free Dish viewers use MPEG-2 Set-Top boxes. News and Devotional channels inturn usually dominate the MPEG-4 auction.

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