Dish D2H using advanced automation and AI to elevate customer service

DreamDTH has caught up with Mr. Sukhpreet Singh, Corporate Head – Marketing, DishTV & Watcho to talk about Dish D2H’s customer service.

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Dish D2H is among one of the prominent DTH operators in India and the company is known for its unique, innovative products like the Zing Digital box which combines the completely free benefits of DD Free Dish with optional access to pay channels at very affordable rates. 

Recently Dish D2H also launched their new HD set-top box with model number ‘DV-5510 HD’. This is the first STB in the broadcast industry that is compatible with both Dish TV and D2H. The company can easily activate connections of either brand as per customer preference without need for hardware changes. 

Apart from innovative products and unique services, customer support is also extremely important for growth of any brand. DreamDTH has caught up with Mr. Sukhpreet Singh, Corporate Head – Marketing, DishTV & Watcho, Dish TV India Limited to talk about Dish D2H’s customer service and how it’s different from other brands. 

Sukhpreet Singh Dish TV

Mr. Singh explained that the company has moved forward from the traditional methods of handling customers’  issues to a new and advanced way where the complaints are resolved much more quickly and efficiently. 

Dish D2H segregates all customer messages into QRC i.e. Queries, Requests, and Complaints. Queries are simple and small questions such as asking for available account balance, due date, etc. Requests include adding, dropping channels, changing Registered Mobile Numbers, and more while Complaints are complicated issues that require manual attention. 

To make customer queries and requests resolved as soon as possible, Dish D2H is using advanced automation and Artificial Intelligence (AI) chatbot along with missed call numbers. Registered Customers can also manage their account details through WhatsApp. 

Chatbots are superior in terms of 24/7 availability, immediate responses without any wait or hold time and it’s also cost-effective that can handle a high volume of customer interactions without the need for additional resources.

They are very crucial to automate repetitive tasks, such as answering frequently asked questions and giving account details or troubleshooting steps, this can free up customer support staff to focus on more complex issues, increasing efficiency and productivity.

But this brings an important question of what about complaints that can’t be handled by chatbots and require human attention. Mr. Sukhpreet Singh said that customers can easily register complaints for such issues from the official website. 

While registering a complaint, the user selects the category and sub-category of his issue along with a brief description of the problem and gets a complaint number immediately for future reference. Since the category of complaint is already selected by the customer, it directly goes to the relevant department for fast resolution skipping the need for manually sorting out the complaints and individually forwarding them to the appropriate team. 

There are also several missed call numbers to get account details, refresh set-top box, receive 3 days balance, add channels, and more. Although the emails sent to Dish D2H email addresses go unregistered and only give automated responses, customers can lodge complaints through the website or by calling customer care. 

New customers without a Dish TV or D2H connection, on the other hand, have the option to get a call back from the Dish D2H team to get all their queries about the company’s products answered before purchasing a new connection. 

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