Dish TV and D2H raising service channel prices by up to 20%

D2H has also added new missed call numbers to subscribe ‘Active’ channels.

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Direct to home operators Dish TV and D2H are going to revise the prices for their value-added or platform service channels from Tuesday, February 1, 2022. The change will be visible to customers on the website and app from midnight. 

17 services namely Punjabi Active, Telugu Active, Hits Active, Ayushmaan Active, Music Active, Kids Active, Evergreen Classics Active, Jyotish Duniya, Cooking Active, Ibadat Active, Dance Active, Bhakti Active, Fitness Active, Thriller Active, Korean Drama Active​, Comedy Active, Women’s Active​ are getting Rs 4 or 9% price hike from current Rs 47 per month to Rs 51 per month. 

The remaining two services- Songdew TV and Cine Active cost will increase by 20% or Rs 5 from tomorrow onwards. Both these channels are currently chargeable at Rs 24 per month and their new price is Rs 29 per month. Do note that Dish TV and D2H run multiple offers every month on their Active services and users subscribing under those users will get it at a discounted rate of Rs 1 for the first month followed by regular price. 

In addition to prices changes, D2H has also added new missed call numbers to activate any of the Active channels. However, the company also said that old numbers will not be taken out of service and will continue to work until further notice to minimize inconvenience to the users. 

VAS NameCurrent Missed Call NumbersNew Missed call Numbers
PUNJABI ACTIVE​18003151375​18003157375​
BHAKTI ACTIVE​18003151203​18003157361​
TELUGU ACTIVE​18003152407​18003157362​
Hits Active​18003150333​18003157363​
RANGMANCH ACTIVE​18003150306​18003157364​
SHORTS TV ACTIVE​18003150307​18003157366​
JYOTISH DUNIYA​18003150157​18003157367​
COOKING ACTIVE​18003150955​18003157368​
IBADAT ACTIVE​18003150786​18003157369​
DANCE ACTIVE​18003150162​18003157370​
FITNESS ACTIVE​18003150158​18003157371​
THRILLER ACTIVE​18003150164​18003157372​
Korean Service​18003150145​18003157374​
Songdew TV​18003150455​18003157376​
MUSIC ACTIVE​18003151924​18003157377​
KIDS ACTIVE​18003151918​18003157378​
ALL VAS PACK​18003151114​18003157379​
DANCE AND MUSIC COMBO​18003151113​18003157380​
ENTERTAINMENT DHAMAKA​18003151111​18003157381​
EVERGREEN CLASSICS ACTIVE​18003150377​18003157386​
Ayushmaan Active​18003150156​18003157387​
COMEDY ACTIVE​18003150128​18003157388​
CINE ACTIVE​18003150331​18003157389​
MOVIES ACTIVE HD​18003150344​18003157390​
MOVIES ACTIVE​18003150345​18003157391
D2H’s new missed call numbers for VAS activation

Active channels are special platform services that are provided by DTH, Cable operators exclusively to their own customers. These channels are usually ad-free and operated in partnership with content creators, aggregators and distributors such as Shemaroo and Hungama. Sun Direct is the only operator in India that does not have any platform service or VAS channel. 

Thanks – Niel Kumar, DreamDTH Community Forums

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Is Telugu Active available on Dish TV?🤔

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Is Telugu Active available on Dish TV?🤔

For ST-2 users 🤔
Btw really they have subscribers for this services
I opt only at 1₹ offer for kids/music or movie related services :lol:

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