Dish TV introduces ‘Box Service Plan’ at Rs 99

Dish TV introduces ‘Box Service Plan’ at Rs 99

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Essel Group-owned Direct to Home (DTH) operator Dish TV has introduced a new ‘Box Service Plan’ to offer extended warranty on its set-top-box to its customers. The service has been recently rolled out with Dish TV’s website going live with a dedicated microsite for the extended warranty plan.

Dish TV introduces 'Box Service Plan' at Rs 99

Dish TV customers under the service plan can get an extended 1-year warranty on their set-top box at only Rs 99 (excluding GST). After 18% GST, the service plan costs Rs 116.82. The service plan can be subscribed from Dish TV’s website by entering your VC or registered mobile number post which you have to log in to Dish TV’s website.

According to the terms and conditions of the service plan, if the plan is availed after the expiry of the primary warranty period, then it would be subject to the verification of the STB by the technician of Dish Infra as to whether the working condition is in satisfaction of Dish Infra.

Incase the STB is defective and repair is needed, then such STB should be repaired first with the cost being incurred by the subscriber. Incase, the box turns faulty during the contract period then Dish Infra would provide a refurbished set-top box free of cost. The customer might have to pay the charges for technician visit, if in case the grievance is resolved by the technician without the need of replacement of its STB.

The service plan however only covers set-top box without remote control, LNB, viewing card, cable, connector and any physical damage to Set-Top Box kept out of the purview of the contract.

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