Dish TV, Sun Network engaged in talks to settle dues

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Dish TV India and Sun Network in their submission to the Telecom Disputes and Settlement Appellate Tribunal (TDSAT) said that they had agreed to have a meeting to work out a schedule for payment of the outstanding dues by Dish TV.

Dish TV had moved TDSAT against Sun Network after the later issued a disconnection notice against the former. The said meeting was held a day after the first hearing in the case took place in the tribunal.

In the earlier hearing, learned counsel for Sun Direct assured the tribunal that no coercive action shall be taken till the next date. In the view of the matter, as prayed on behalf of Dish TV, TDSAT posted the matter under the same head 3 days later.

On the next hearing, TDSAT noted “Parties are engaged in talks and it is not possible to grant short adjournment. As prayed, post the matter under the same head-on 21.11.2019.”  The DTH operators’ inability to clear broadcasters’ outstanding dues in a timely manner has led to disconnection notice being issued for the second time. In July Star India had issued a disconnection notice against Dish TV following which it followed TDSAT.

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