DSP Mutual Fund launching the #BreakTheBias stand-up comedy series

DSP Mutual Fund has announced the launched of a new stand-up comedy series, #BreakTheBias. This campaign aims to provoke viewers to recognize many deep-rooted beliefs & biases one may suffer from while making decisions of any kind- be it shopping choices, complex relationship issues or investment decisions.

DSP Mutual Fund launching the #BreakTheBias stand-up comedy series

Behavioural biases lead us to think emotionally, making it difficult to
remain objective- without even realizing it. Responsible investing on the
other hand requires one to be less emotional, more rational. With this new
comedy series, DSP Mutual Fund aims to make investors aware of these biases
and encourages them to break away from them and invest responsibly, by
talking to professional financial consultants.

DSP Mutual Fund chose to collaborate with these popular comics with the
belief that this association will help viewers learn in the best way
possible – over a laugh or two, instead of technical jargons or lectures.

The series consists of 10 videos from master comedians Karunesh Talwar and
Jaspreet Singh, with each video capturing different behavioural biases. The
first video will release on April 14th, followed by a new video every 3-4
days. For the series release/distribution, DSP Mutual Fund tied up with a
leading digital entertainment and content company, The Viral Fever (TVF)-
all the videos will release on their Timeliners’ channel (TTL) on YouTube.
You can watch the  <https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NHyzdIp2o3g> official
series trailer here.

Kalpen Parekh, President, DSP Investment Managers said, “Good investing is
unemotional, whereas we are emotional creatures. When emotions meet
investing, it causes thinking errors and biases which come in the way of
sensible investing decisions. We are all affected by these biases – you as
consumers and we as money managers. Being aware of these biases is the first
step in breaking away from them and becoming better investors.”

“While investing is simple, investing messages tend to be complex with
jargons and technical terms. I am happy to launch #BreakTheBias series.
These are short videos full of daily life stories, laced with insights that
open our minds to our biases, yet delivered with humour and simplicity. Have
fun, smile and laugh as you watch this series and invest without biases.” he

Abhik Sanyal, Head-Consumer Marketing, DSP Investment Managers said, “No
matter how smart, we all tend to be driven by emotions, which lead us to
take absurd decisions- be it shopping choices, complex relationship issues
or investment decisions. We all look at the world only through our own
lenses and put our observations through many filters manufactured by our own
experiences. Karunesh and Jaspreet are stellar comedians and their ability
to make insightful observations about how we live our lives and make strange
life and money decisions will add life to DSP’s continuous efforts to
educate investors. I also hope that this dose of stand-up comedy gives our
viewers something interesting to watch and hopefully make them smile a bit,
during these tough times. So stay home, watch this series and take a pledge
to #BreakTheBias!”

Earlier, DSP Mutual Fund had also associated with TVF on the web-series
Cubicles, aimed at making mutual funds and investment concepts easy to
understand, while presenting them in an entertaining and contemporary style.

The web series was a fresh take on the life of millennials ready to take a
dive into the corporate world and showed experiences of their many firsts
during this journey.

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