Eenadu TV working to launch ETV Bal Bharat channels in 12 Indian languages

Eenadu Television, Telugu’s biggest media network which yesterday celebrated its 25th anniversary is working to launch ETV Bal Bharat channels in 12 Indian languages. Eenadu TV will be launching 14 ETV Bal Bharat channels out of which 13 channels will be Standard Definition while one will be High Definition.

Eenadu TV working in full swing to launch ETV Bal Bharat channels in 12 Indian languages

Eenadu TV will be launching ETV Bal Bharat in Telugu, English, Hindi, Gujarati, Kannada, Marathi, Malayalam, Tamil, Assamese, Bangla, Odia and Punjabi languages with individual feeds. Each language will have an SD feed with Eendau TV set to launch an HD feed for Telugu feed as well.

The content on individual channels will be different from Telugu one while ETV Bal Bharat SD and ETV Bal Bharat HD are both likely to have 13 audio feeds and not just limited to Telugu according to sources.

ETV Network CEO

K Bapineedu, CEO, ETV Network was quoted as saying by Eendau, “With an objective of sharing scientific knowledge and entertainment for children these new channels are launching. Work is going on to launch ETV Balabharat in 11 languages including English.”

The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting (MIB) had back on 25th February granted 14 new licenses to Eenadu Television namely ETV Bal Bharat English, ETV Bal Bharat HD, ETV Bal Bharat SD, ETV Bal Bharat Gujrathi, ETV Bal Bharat Hindi, ETV Bal Bharat Kannada, ETV Bal Bharat Marathi, ETV Bal Bharat Punjabi, ETV Bal Bharat Telugu, ETV Bala Bharat Malayalam, ETV Bala Bharat Tamil, ETV Balya Bharat Assamese, ETV Balya Bharat Bangla, and ETV Balya Bharat Odia.

Eenadu TV had later in March sent out feelers to distribution platform operators about the launch of its upcoming channels. The launch of ETV Bal Bharat channels is said to have been delayed due to COVID-19.

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