Flipkart will Replace 40% of its Delivery Vans with Electric ones

After conducting Multiple Pilot Projects for Electric Vehicles deployment, Flipkart on Thursday Announced that it will be replacing 40% of its Delivery Vans with Electric Vehicles by March 2020 in order to reduce its Carbon Footprint by over 50%. Currently, Flipkart has deployed 8 e-Vans in Hyderabad, 10 e-Vans in New Delhi, and 30 e-bikes in Bengaluru. The company will deploy 160 e-Vans by end of 2019.

Flipkart is setting up the necessary charging infrastructure at its hubs to prepare for mass deployment of these Electric vehicles. This will make Flipkart the first e-commerce platform in India to use electric mobility on a mass scale. It will also help in reducing the delivery cost as Petrol based vehicles cost around ₹3.5/km while EV vehicles cost just ₹1/km.

Kalyan Krishnamurthy, Group CEO, Flipkart, stated, ” Our vision is to replace a significant portion of our last-mile delivery with EVs in the coming years and also contribute towards clean and sustainable mobility. Our team is working with local ecosystem partners to help them co-design concepts for electric vehicles best suited for the growing e-commerce industry. We believe these small but meaningful steps in this direction will go a long way in paving the way for larger adoption of EVs in the country.”

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