&flix to air ‘Flix Defenders’ on weeknights at 9 this July

It is the real-life stories of our heroes that stand their ground in the hardest of times to face their toughest foes that makes us idolise them. Sometimes it is the real or reel depiction of the bravest that gives us hope and the strength to get back up from the pit of misery that we find ourselves in, from time to time.

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This July such stories of heroes, who chose to put their lives on the line for us and defended us till the end, will soon inspire you to stand tall even in the face of adversity.

Starting Wednesday, July 01, &flix, the destination for the biggest Hollywood hits brings to you some of the most explosive power-packed action features as part of the new property ‘Flix Defenders’ airing weeknights at 9 only on &flix. Always ready, always vigil, symbol for the righteous and defenders against evil, strap in for an epic bash that will see the bad guys get served a dose of justice.

With hits that make you want to feel a part of the action, &flix has rounded up some of the greatest fictional raves like Spider-Man Far From Home, Men In Black: International, White House Down, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2, Doctor Strange and many others to brighten up your nights this month of July as part of Flix Defenders. Nothing scares an adversary more than facing a fearless one-man army; &flix has in store just the right pick for that with movies like Kick Ass, XXX, Spider-Man: Homecoming and Pearl Harbour.

Prepare to defend on the line of battle this month of July with Flix Defenders airing weeknights at 9 only on &flix.

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