&flix to air ‘Underdog’ this Friday as part of Flix Defenders

A man’s best friend is known to be the ideal cushion of comfort in life. You might have seen them sit, roll over and fetch but now in a sudden twist, the tables have turned and it’s not us barking orders anymore. In this absolute fun action comedy, a bizarre experiment that goes horribly wrong turns an adorable beagle into a superhero with extraordinary powers of strength, speed and enhanced hearing.

&flix to air 'Underdog' this Friday

Donning a bright red cape and tighties, he is on a crusade to bring to justice the Evil scientist who has an ulterior motive to reign chaos on the people he loves. Featuring Peter Dinklage as the evil mastermind scientist and Jason lee, the voice of shoeshine the super dog, &flix brings to you another delightful doggo feature, ‘Underdog’. With a brilliant cast (Patrick Warburton and Amy Adams and Brad Garnett), this movie makes for a great family watch this weekend as part of its ongoing property ‘Flix Defenders’ on Friday July 24,2020 at 9PM.

Every Dog has its day as canines take to the skies as superheroes in ‘Underdog’ airing as part of ‘Flix Defenders’ on Friday July 24,2020 at 9PM.

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