Hungama adds ‘Supa Strikas’ to its portfolio

Hungama adds ‘Supa Strikas’ to its portfolio

Supa Strikas Hungama scaled 1

Disney Kids Network’s Hungama is all set to take the fun quotient a notch higher with the launch of a brand new show – ‘Supa Strikas’ on December 21st 2020 at 7:30 PM.

The channel will launch Supa Strikas for the first time on Indian television that follows a leading football team’s journey across the globe and outer space taking the young viewers through the behind scenes at the world’s greatest soccer club who are on a quest to win the prized Super League trophy.

“Hungama, through the shows and characters, has always celebrated the spirit of childhood; capturing the child’s imagination, playfulness and the zest to be adventurous. Kids have loved the series that we bring on Hungama and the consistent performance of the channel along with the success of all our shows are a testament to its success and popularity. Our newest show Supa Strikas will be a perfect addition to the channel bringing in elements of fun, adventure, sportsmanship and friendship.”

Disney Kids Network spokesperson

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