Indiacast channels to enjoy old LCN placement on NXT Digital until further orders: TDSAT

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The Telecom Disputes and Settlement Appellate Tribunal (TDSAT) on Friday ruled that Indiacast channels would enjoy the old LCN placement as per the old agreement on the NXT Digital platform until further orders. NXT Digital had on Thursday moved TDSAT against Indiacast for issuing a disconnection notice.

Indiacast channels to enjoy old LCN placement on NXT Digital until further orders: TDSAT

TDSAT Chairperson SK Singh heard both the counsels on merit with their prayers for interim relief. India cast prayed for two weeks’ time to file a short reply incase the matter couldn’t be settled in the meantime.

Indiacast agreed that the supply of signals to IndusInd would not be discontinued without seeing the leave of the tribunal as long the matter was pending. India cast, however, wanted the petitioner to maintain the status quo with respect to LCN enjoyed by Indiacast channels prior to its being disturbed on 24th April 2020.

NXT Digital had on 23 April changed the placement of all India cast channels. All of Indiacast channels were shifted to the end of the respective genres even beyond FTA channels.

NXT Digital argued the case on merits but ultimately agreed that the parties could have dialogues and negotiations if the respondent wants old LCN to be retained. NXT said that talks for settlement should be held expeditiously and only till the next date which should not be behind 15th May 2020, with the old LCN being maintained by way of special accommodation.

TDSAT has posted the matter for hearing on 15th May ruling that India cast would enjoy old LCN placement under the old agreement on NXT Digital. The old agreement will govern the parties until further orders with no disruption in the supply of signals to NXT Digital without seeking leave of the tribunal. TDSAT will review the arrangement on the next date with the parties told to hold talks for settlement within a week from today.

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