InDigital slashes price of curated packs to comply with Tariff Amendment Order NTO 2.0

InDigital slashes price of curated packs to comply with Tariff Amendment Order NTO 2.0

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Curated Packs MRP revised from 01st March 2020 in compliance with the amended regulatory framework (NTO 2.0).

InDigital has revised the tariffs of some its curated packs to comply with the amended regulatory framework (NTO 2.0) issued by the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI). InDigital will implement the reduced price of 21 curated packs with effect from March 01, 2020. InDigital customers can also watch the entire Free-To-Air (FTA) bouquet at Rs. 130 per month, excluding taxes.


InDigital curated packs revised tariff details

Pack nameOld price in Rs. (excluding taxes)New Price in Rs. (excluding taxes)
Bengali Plus 185175
Bengali Premium245235
English Plus180170
English Premium HD324314
English Premium256226
Foundation + Mega SD468458
Foundation+ Super Entertainment HD477467
Gujarati Plus140160
Gujarati Premium238208
Hindi Plus185175
Hindi Premium260230
Hindi Premium HD405395
Kannada Plus168158
Kannada Premium416406
Malayalam Plus177167
Marathi Plus166156
Marathi Premium236203
Marathi Premium HD422412
Tamil Plus170160
Telugu Plus167157
Telugu Premium263233

The Telecom Authority of India introduced NTO 2.0 in January 2020, which allows customers to subscribe to up to 200 channels in the base Network Capacity Fee (NCF) slab of Rs. 130, earlier, it was up to 100 channels. Customers subscribing to more than 200 channels up to any number of channels will have to pay a fixed amount of Rs. 160 (excluding taxes) per month as NCF charges.

The new tariff also states that the price of the channel should not be more than Rs. 12 per month to be a part of the bouquet, earlier it was Rs. 19 per month. The NTO 2.0 has to be implemented by every cable and DTH operator, including the broadcasters starting March 01, 2020.

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