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    Discussion I want help

    Side lnb signal may get weaker. Better 7-8 ft dish while 10 will have lease issues. In 6ft dish, with APSTAR as prime, I don't get TV9 TP . To avoid such heart breaks buy 8ft..
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    Discussion I want help

    10ft c band dish. 3 lnb. 1 diseqc.
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    DTH Updates MPEG4 eauction announced..

    There are 11 or 12 companies identified/permitted to produce/sell iCAS enabled STB. those STBs will be restricted like any other DTH to NOT to allow any other satellite FTA can be watched. So it's a dilemma to go for it or not. With TRAIs rules, ONLY FTA can be FTA on dd free dish. So.. these...
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    Seeking Help How to install solid 4 lnb feedhorn?

    Dont have it. But one slot would take prime LNB's position. Did it come with any notes about the 'designed' satellites this FH can be set to?
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    Seeking Help Need help, opinion and your experiecne on few questions I'm facing.

    The focus was not correct. The focus was there but it was far deep inside conical ring by 3/4 inch. Altered how the dish arms hold the conical ring. I was neat and clean so put two bolts each when I initially set it. Now it is on one bolt each and hence it increased the distance between conical...
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    New TP on APSTAR 7?

    Hi, I'm consistently getting [3846H 5711] TP on apstar. I has TBN asia, Hillsong and two more channels. The same channels that are on 3871V 10000 [per lyngsat and flysat]. Anyone else also getting this?? [I dont see signal on 3871V]. or my STB/LNB acting weird!? Regards, Kiran
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    Seeking Help Need help, opinion and your experiecne on few questions I'm facing.

    Generally, On a prime LNB or side LNB, if you get signal for few TP, would it mean there will be signal for all TP?? Will there be one fixed/final position of LNB where all TPs are received with reliable amount of signal? I'm coming with question because of below two; 1. Apstar 7 on main/prime...
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    General discussions/queries for Satellite Tuning

    posted my question as separate thread. Sorry for posting it here first.
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    Why Dish TV network south channels are unable to scan in Solid 6141 pro STB

    In C band blind scan, this STB misses some transponders [ I have same stb] even if the signal/quality is 60-70%. I look at lyngsat/flysat if I attempt a new satellite! Did you get the TPs? Or you didn't get channels scanned? Tried manually adding the TP? All channels should come from its old...
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    Breaking News "Lotus Macau HD" Started From Apstar 7

    SONY EA and couple of ANIMAX have FTA video but not iaudio, two channels have FTA audio but no video. Do you see the same?? or is it something with my STB??
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    I need a 6 Feet C Band Dish

    In South of India, 6ft dish gets almost all bangladesh channels. You got many FTA HD channels there!
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    Breaking News "Lotus Macau HD" Started From Apstar 7

    Hi!!! I see this is two year sold thread... Still.. Do you get this TP in day time??? I could get this in the early morning [3-5AM] and as it was 6 the FTV started breaking and then stopped. This was on side LNB. Tried this satellite on prime LNB too, most channels have signal but not this...
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    Is it possible to tune Insat4A FTA channels in 2 feet dish i.e DTH dish ?

    You can try adding LNBs to your 6ft dish so that U get signals of multiple satellites while dish is fixed to one direction.
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    FTA - 2ft DTH Antenna with MPEG2 Receiver

    No. In 2ft dish, with conical ring for C band, you can get channels from ST2; 4-5 channels. From other satellites, STB will report many transponders but No quality and no picture. A dish has fixed focal point. What I meant in earlier post is - place 4 Ku band dishes resembling a full dish. All...
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    FTA - 2ft DTH Antenna with MPEG2 Receiver

    If yu have couple of spare ku dishes, You can try to make their focal point converge and place a C band LNB. It may become a 4ft dish. Just a rough idea if you have time! Then you can get INSAT 4A in C band and a lot of channels.
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