MIB renames ‘Tulasi News’ as ‘NK TV 24*7’

MIB renames ‘Tulasi News’ as ‘NK TV 24*7’

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The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting (MIB) today renamed the satellite TV channel held by ‘Tulasi Broadcasting Network Limited’. The Ministry has updated its permitted satellite TV channel database with the renaming of the channel.

‘Tulasi News’ satellite TV channel license held by ‘Tulasi Broadcasting Network Limited’ has been renamed to ‘NK TV 24*7’ by MIB. The license continues to be owned by Tulasi Broadcasting which was initially granted by MIB on 13th November 2011 to operate as a Telugu News channel with uplinking and downlinking permission from Intelsat 17.

Channel NameCompanyCategoryUplinking & Downlinking/ Uplinking Only/ Downlinking OnlyLanguageDate of Permission
NK TV 24×7 (earlier TULASI NEWS, TULASI)Tulasi Broadcasting Network LtdNEWSUPLINKING & DOWNLINKINGTELUGU13/10/2011

The satellite TV channel license was initially named as ‘Tulasi’ when granted by MIB, which was subsequently renamed to ‘Tulasi News’ prior to being again renamed as ‘NK TV 24*7’.

The Ministry today also cancelled the ‘Mauja Mosti’ and ‘Tak Dhina Din’ satellite TV license held by Krishna Showbiz Service Private Limited bringing down the number of registered permitted satellite TV channels to 906 as of today while increasing the cancelled TV channels to 333 as of today.

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