Prasar Bharati wants 25 DD Channels available to Inactive Connections also

Prasar Bharati wants 25 DD Channels available to Inactive Connections also

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On a Consultation paper released by TRAI on “Tariff-Related Issues for Broadcasting and Cable Services” Prasar Bharati said that 25 Doordarshan channels should not only be over and above 100 channels of NCF but also available for those viewers whose connections are not active.

Prasar Bharati stated that Doordarshan channels and channels operated by or for the Parliament like Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha TV are public service channels which government of India provides free of cost to every citizen. It added that no provision or a condition like NCF should be mandatory as it adds monetary burden and affects reachability of these channels.

Prasar Bharati told that since set-top boxes are technically not interoperable so if a subscriber does not renew its subscription then also these channels should be available so that every subscriber or citizen can take benefits of public broadcasting services, however, the user should be payable for any repair or maintenance charges.

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Dipjyoti Roy
Dipjyoti Roy
1 year ago

Yes, it should be available for all users without subscription as the user has paid for hardware of both DTH and cable and also pays tax money for state run public channels. Also DD Sports 1.0 should be unblocked for all as important events representing country shall not be missed because of subscription revenue. Meanwhile private sports broadcaster can make money by International syndicated events and localised sporting events like IPL, ISL etc.

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