Siti Network: Small Cable Operators not complying with rules

Siti Networks said that the present amendment would not be effective in those cases where these DPOs avoid to make comply with the provisions.

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Cable Operator Siti Networks has asked TRAI to reconsider the timing of the draft regulations and publish the same once the existing regulations are implemented across by all the DPOs including the smaller MSOs and their systems are ready to implement the provisions of this amendment.

Siti Networks welcomed the idea of bringing in the present amendment to facilitate the consumers in channels selection and bringing in more transparency in the selection process. 

They said that most of the MSOs having a presence in PAN India including Siti Cable have already established our website and mobile application and have also started the online payment option to the subscribers with packages and offerings of such DPOs.

Siti Networks pointed out to TRAI that many subscribers are facing hindrance where some of the DPOs (present only in a local area) have not complied with the framework and have not established their websites, mobile app, channel selection and payment mechanism etc.

Siti Networks said that the present amendment would not be effective in those cases where these DPOs avoid to make comply with the provisions. 

This kind of avoidance defeat the purpose of regulations and lead to a great difficulty not only to the subscribers, LCOs but other DPOs also. DPOs have not yet started the online payment mechanism because the API will not be able to communicate with their servers until they are on board with the new framework and provide these facilities to the subscribers.

Siti Networks asked TRAI to ensure that every player in the value chain should be brought under the regulatory framework and a sustainable transparent audit and inspection mechanism needs to be developed to ensure the compliance of the regulations for the benefit and ease of consumers at large and thereby providing a level playing field to all the players.

Siti Networks was replying to TRAI draft regulation (second amendment), on the issue of developing of app by third parties and consequent sharing of information using API between distribution platform operators (DPOs) and consumers to have ease in selection of channels of their choice and reduce TV viewing charges by optimising their subscription while allowing them to view channels of their interest.

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