Sony Pictures Networks India implemented policy change to promote inclusivity at workplace

Sony Pictures Networks India (SPN) has taken a step forward to foster towards inclusivity. With an aim to build a conducive environment for all employees, the network has revised its company policies to be gender neutral.

As a part of this initiative, the network will extend medical benefits and insurance coverage for declared partners. According to the new amendment, there is a shift from maternity/ paternity policies to common parental policies and an expansion to the definitions of primary and secondary caregivers.

Primary caregivers will now include all employees who have nominated themselves as the primary caregiver in case of adoption/surrogacy. While secondary caregivers will include all employees, who have had a child in the past six months but not delivered the child and not nominated themselves as primary caregivers in adoption/surrogacy cases.

To ensure equal safety for all the employees, the network also incorporated changes to the Code of Conduct. According to which, the definition of sexual harassment will now include hate speech/ bigotry and intolerant remarks on LGBT+ community in general.

In addition to rendering policies as gender neutral, SPN has also announced infrastructural changes such as gender neutral washrooms in their Mumbai and Gurgaon offices.

Sony Pictures Networks India said that through such endeavours, SPN has always aimed at empowering communities and creating a diverse, inclusive and happy workplace. This initiative is one of the many steps taken by the network to support diversity and SPN is committed to fuel a creative and innovative workforce through its people-friendly policies.

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