Sun Direct adds 11 paid channels in DPO 1 packs

Sun Direct adds 11 paid channels in DPO 1 packs

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South India DTH market leader Sun Direct has added 11 paid channels in its DPO 1 packages within the past couple of weeks without raising the pack prices. 6 of the channels belong to Turner Family pack and will be available for free till May 31.

Sun Direct adds 11 paid channels in DPO 1 packs

The operator provides DPO 1 packs in different variants namely Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Bengali, Marathi, Odia and Rest of India with distinct pricing and channels.

Pogo, Cartoon Network, WB, HBO, CNN, Times Now, Movies Now, MNX, Romedy Now, Sony Pix and Eurosport are the 11 channels which have been added in all variants of DPO 1 pack.

According to the tweet from Sun Direct, Turner Family Pack which includes HBO, Cartoon Network, WB, Pogo, and CNN will be available for free in DPO 1 pack until 31st May 2020.

Sun Direct has also modified DPO 2 packs, these packs now consist of English movie channel Star Movies and Kids channel Hungama. Apart from that Discovery HD and Animal planet HD are added in HD Kannada DPO A1 pack.

Sun Direct is a prominent leader in South India as it provides packages with heavy discounts on NCF attracting a lot of new subscribers which makes the competition intense and forces other DPOs to also launch cheap packages.

Editor Note: The article has been updated on 18 April with new inputs

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