Sun Direct offers Telugu DPO1 and Malayalam DPO1 at cheap rates for inactive customers as Independence Day offer

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Direct to Home (DTH) operator Sun Direct is also offering Telugu DPO 1 and Malayalam DPO 1 at cheap rates for its inactive customers as part of the Independence Day offer apart from Tamil DPO 1 which is being offered at Rs 999 for 9 months.

  • Malyalam DPO1 Sun Direct
  • Telugu DPO1 Sun Direct

Sun Direct is offering Telugu DPO 1 at an effective price of Rs 142 per month for its inactive customers who recharge with Rs 993 which will offer Telugu DPO 1 for 7 months. The offer is available until 17th August and started on 7th August.

Separately, Sun Direct is offering Malayalam DPO 1 for 7 months at Rs 991 for its inactive customers who recharge with the unique price point before 17th August. Sun Direct has in the past offered the same curated pack at the same price as part of its Pongal Offer and retention offers as well. The retention pack is back this time as part of the Independence Day offer.

Sun Direct is also separately offering its curated pack Tamil DPO 1 at an effective monthly price of Rs 111 for 1 month under the Independence Day offer for its inactive Tamil customers who recharge with Rs 999 which will offer 9 months of Tamil DPO 1.

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