Tata Sky offering Promotional Discount on over 50 packs

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DTH operator Tata Sky has revised total 52 HD and SD curated, add on or regional packs to offer discounts up to Rs. 24.78.

This Diwali Tata Sky has started offering discounts on various packs ranging across genre and languages. These discounts are valid only for a limited period of time but Tata Sky has not disclosed the last date for this offer.

Tata Sky Mobile

Discounts on Curated Packs

Pack NameOffer PriceOriginal Price
Tamil Kannada Basic375.24383.50
Telugu Kannada Basic380.56388.82
Telugu Malayalam Basic366.10377.90
Kannada Malayalam Basic343.39355.19
Telugu Malayalam Basic HD493.54497.08
Kannada Malayalam Basic HD460.80464.34
Tamil Premium Sports English634.52642.78
Telugu Premium Sports English632.76641.02
Malayalam Premium Sports English593.35601.61
Tamil Telugu Premium Sports English738.35754.87
Tamil Kannada Premium Sports English706.91731.69
Tamil Malayalam Premium Sports English674.76691.28
Telugu Kannada Premium Sports English705.16729.94
Telugu Malayalam Premium Sports English683.62711.94
Kannada Malayalam Premium Sports English658.90678.96
Hindi Starter225.22249.99
Telugu Smart241.50249.00
Tamil Smart244.27249.00
Malayalam Smart218.14225.00
Odia Smart209.64211.00
Marathi Smart205.16206.00
Bengali Smart211.06220.00
Telugu Malayalam Premium Sports Eng HD992.16995.70
Kannada Malayalam Premium Sports Eng HD960.36963.90
Tamil Metro194.71198.25
Telugu Metro195.48199.02
Kannada Metro194.71198.25
Malayalam Metro191.00198.07

The operator has also reduced prices of Add on or Regional packs:

Pack NameOffer PriceOriginal Price
Kids Mini22.7128.61
Knowledge & Lifestyle33.9236.16
Knowledge & Lifestyle Mini21.5322.59
Kids Mini HD39.2345.13
Sports HD177.11181.72
Tamil Regional100.40109.84
Tamil Regional Mini62.0670.32
Telugu Regional119.77136.29
Telugu Regional Mini71.3987.91
Kannada Regional98.35114.87
Kannada Regional Mini70.0386.55
Malayalam Regional58.0569.85
Malayalam Regional Mini42.7154.51
Bengali Regional50.9767.49
Bengali Regional Mini34.4542.71
Odia Regional39.5347.79
Marathi Regional45.0753.33
Marathi Regional Mini36.8145.07
Tamil Regional HD160.58161.76
Malayalam Regional HD87.4390.97
Malayalam Regional Mini HD68.5572.09
Hindi Movies Mini62.0765.61
Hindi Entertainment Mini48.6273.40

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