10 Best iOS apps launched in 2014


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6 May 2012
10) Pixelmator is an advanced image editor that lets you touch up and enhance images, draw or paint, apply effects, or create advanced compositions.

9) Hyperlapse for Instagram lets you easily make high-quality time-lapse videos while moving around with a smartphone. You can use rear as well as front-facing camera of your iPhone or iPad to create time-lapse videos.

8) Talko is a unique voice-messaging app that sends the equivalent of text messages in the form of a spoken word. You can record a voice message and send it over the Internet to anyone else with the app.

7) Workflow is a personal automation tool, enabling you to drag and drop any combination of actions to create powerful workflows.

6) Swype is an attractive keyboard app for iOS 8, which lets you 'swipe' across the keyboard for faster typing. It has an efficient auto-correct and prediction features to make typing even easier over time.

5) Elevate is an educational game which focuses on learning experiences, improving memory, reading comprehension and other skills which help train your brain.

4) MS-Office

3) Hitlist is a great travel app that helps you find the cheapest flight tickets to almost any city in the world.

2) Secret is an anonymous messaging app that lets you speak your mind without revealing your identity. You also get to read what your friends and people around you are thinking and chat with people anonymously.

1) Facebook Messenger is one of the most downloaded apps this year. Facebook's standalone messaging app lets you chat with Facebook friends, create groups, make calls over the Internet and also share media files.

10 Best iOS apps launched in 2014: Facebook Messenger, Secret, Hyperlapse and more! - Tech2
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