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Add a picture to a folder

Discussion in 'Computers, Peripherals and Softwares' started by sonujoshi, Mar 2, 2011.

  1. sonujoshi

    sonujoshi Registered

    Mar 2, 2011
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    Faridabad, Haryana
    1- In Windows Explorer (the program that appears when you open folders such as My Computer, My Documents, My Pictures, or My Music), right-click the folder you want to add a picture to, and then click Properties

    2-In the Properties dialog box, click the Customize tab. If there is no Customize tab, you cannot add a picture to that folder. You can add pictures to other folders,

    3- On the Customize tab, click Choose Picture.

    4- In the Browse dialog box, click the picture you want to use, and then click Open.
    and click ok ,When you view the folder using Thumbnails view, Windows displays a thumbnail of the picture you selected