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Bheja Frying Jokes Tread

Bapun Raz

Staff member
3 Nov 2010
1. A girl was standing holding broken sandles.
One Naughty Boy - It looks as though that sandles do get broken by wearing even in light legs.
Girl - No, Sandles get broken by hitting them on the heads of boys like you.
2. Judge to Thief - Any good work have you done in your life???
Thief - It is because of us you get job. 3. Judge to
Thief - You went in a shop to steal & stole only femal clothes. Did you not think of your male child.
Thief - That shop only had female clothes.
4. Girlfriend to Boyfriend - I will not marry you till you do some act of bravery.
Boyfriend to Girlfriend - I am marrying you in this inflation and that is an act of courage.
5. One Begger become Crorepati and decided to get a temple built.
Second Begger - Why do you want to get a temple made.
First Begger - So that I can sit alone in front of that temple for begging.

Sorce- www.myfunnypost.com/



7 Apr 2011
RE: Funny Joke

ek baar naradji ne aisa kya dekha ki wo behosh ho gaye.

unhone dekha ki..
hanumanji taqat paane ke liye "Rajnikant chalisaa" padh rahe the.[hr]

jab aap blackbarry ka mobile leke baithe ho or koi aapko aake kahe "china hai na"
ek ladke ne ladki ko cheda.

girl:chappl utaroun kya.
boy:chal hat pagli mera dil koi mandir thode hi hai chappl pahan ke hi aaja.
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