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Buy a Sony 5. 1 HTS

ramesh sky

20 Feb 2013
Ensure that your TV supports 5.1 audio. Otherwise no use of HDMI ARC because what ARC does is it transfers whatever audio comes to TV speakers to HT. If audio in TV is in stereo mode then it goes to HT through ARC Cable and comes to all five speakers of HT which give Virtual surround effect but not real 5.1split audio effect. The ARC cable do not convert TV's stereo audio into 5.1 audio in HT.
If you want to play the content with 5.1 audio output in a pen drive then connect it directly to the USB port of HT. If you want to enjoy the TV channels with 5.1 audio( where available) then connect your HT to STB with an spdif optical cable. That's it.
Bro, now it works (ARC) well. I compare both ports. In ARC, the original sound is feel.👍🙏
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