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China third most popular among tourists

Discussion in 'Dish TV' started by Bapun Raz, Apr 12, 2011.

  1. Bapun Raz

    Bapun Raz Staff Member Administrator

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    Nov 3, 2010
    Do you know the land of the Great Wall is more
    popular tourist destination than the Alps of
    Switzerland? The UN has recently ranked China as
    the world's third most popular tourist destination. It
    has overtaken Spain to take the third spot on the
    list of the world's most favourite tourist destination s prepared by the UN World Tourism Organization. France with 78.95 million foreign tourist arrivals
    topped the list while the US came second with
    60.88 million. Last year, the number of foreign tourists in China
    reached 55.66 million, up 9.4% compared to 2009,
    said Man Hongwei, director of the international
    coordination department at the China National
    Tourism Administration. The industry maintained an annual average
    revenue growth of 15% during the past five years,
    China Daily quoted Man as saying. The number of
    outbound Chinese tourists hit 57.39 million in
    2010, up 20.4% year-on-year. Xu Daoming, general manager of the marketing
    department at the China Travel Service, said his
    company saw robust growth in inbound tourism
    last year. "The Shanghai Expo and the Asian Games in
    Guangzhou were major reasons for the increased
    momentum that moved the inbound travel market
    out of the shadow of the international financial
    crisis," Xu said. Tourists from Taiwan, Macao, Japan, Vietnam and
    India, among others, have kept up the growth
    momentum in 2010, he said. There has also been
    an increase in the number of tourists arriving from
    Russia and the US, he added. Zhao Huanyan, a tourism industry expert at the
    Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences, said the new
    ranking would benefit the booming tourism sector
    in China. He said luxury hotels such as the Hong Kong-based
    Shangri-la hotel group are a good example,
    employing strategies to open hotels in popular
    destinations in China and in other countries and
    regions, and attracting in-bound and out-bound
    Chinese travellers. The UN tourism agency has forecast that China
    could surpass France as the world's largest tourist
    destination by 2015. However, Shao Qiwei, head of the National Tourism
    Administration of China, has a word of caution: The
    tourism industry is fragile and can be impacted by
    natural disasters, disease epidemic and
    emergencies. He said that against such a backdrop, the tourism
    industry in the Asia Pacific region should boost
    cooperation to get good result. The Asia Pacific
    region is currently the world's fastest-growing
    tourism destination, according to the daily. Like