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Damini Joshi to act in Surya - the super cop


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22 Mar 2011
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Damini Joshi, who plays Avani’s best friend Usha in Maykee Se Bandhi Dor will now feature in an episode of Sony’s new thriller Surya -the super cop.

Our source says, “The story is about Mansi (Damini) and her two friends Sudhir and Varun who work together in an office but due to some unavoidable circumstances they split with each other and her two friends go missing. Suddenly, after a year Mansi gets a call from Sudhir who was also in love with her once asking her to meet him. They decide to meet up but when Mansi reaches the place she finds Varun who’s badly injured and in a very critical situation. The cops suspect Mansi for Varun’s condition. On the other hand, Sudhir is nowhere to be found and Mansi will be accused of these two crimes. The investigation team will solve the case.

Joshi confirmed the news saying, “Yes, I am playing this character of Mansi in Surya. She is a sweet and innocent girl who gets caught in this crime.”

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