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gmail added 2 new features


2 May 2011
AIM:Now you can add your AIM Buddies directly into your GTalk chat list .You just need to add their complete screen name or username. eg: ABC@aol.com into the chat window and select ‘Invite to chat’ option in chat window.

Add AIM Buddies on GTalk Chat List
The biggest advantage is you can add AIM Buddies on GTalk that also without your AIM id.This AIM and GTalk integration is not new.Google and AOL have been working on the integration part recently.Initially, it was required for any GTalk user to have an AIM id in order to chat with AIM Buddies using GTalk.In Gmail Settings, in Chat Tab users used to provide their AIM id and password in order to integrate between GMAIL and AIM account.Now users can directly add contacts to Gmail Contact list.If you have been using AIM and Gmail lately then you need to check the AIM Import to Gmail plugin.

This AIM Gmail integration makes process far more simple than before.Now you don’t need to give any separate login credentials for AIM.However I see one big disadvantage in this feature.Initially users were given an option to login into AIM account for chatting with AIM buddies and if users logout from AIM , still user can chat to Gmail Friends.Now with this integration I doubt if we can restrict our chat only to Gmail users and be offline only for AIM users.
Have you tried new integrated feature of AIM and GMail chat.What’s your take on it? Do you refer this new feature or previous one was better ? Do share your opinion.
IMPORTANCE MARKER-Today,when i opened my Gmail account,i saw the another new feature in Gmail.This is called "Importance markers in Priority Inbox" you can read more below about this feature.

Priority Inbox displays different colored arrows to indicate different types of messages. A yellow arrow means that a message is important and unread. A gray marker means that the message is important and read or archived. A message Gmail has classified as unimportant has no marker.

If you want to know why a message was classified as important, you can hover your mouse over the importance marker for that message in order to see the main reason why the message was marked important.

If you prefer, you can hide these markers. Just go to the Priority Inbox tab of your Gmail settings and select the No markers option in the Importance markers section.Gmail treats these markers like labels, so you can search for messages that are important by using the search operator ‘is:important’.
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