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Google will not support devices running on Android versions released before KitKat


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6 May 2012

Google will not be sending security updates for the phones running on the Android versions released before KitKat 4.4. This move was confirmed after a request sent by security researchers Rapid 7 regarding a bug in the WebView component.

Google responded by saying that they will not be sending patches for the WebView component but will welcome patches for the bugs. They further stated that any request other than OEMs, regarding updates of the WebView component without a patch attached will not be entertained.
The WebView component we are talking about here is the core of the issue as it is a component of the built in browser, that is only found in versions before KitKat 4.4

Since Google has made it clear that there will be no security support for nearly 60 percent of its devices, users with the devices will remain vulnerable to security hacks.

Google is an open source operating system and it is this feature that sets it apart from Apple's iPhone and Microsoft's Windows phone which control the OS entirely and hence can provide better safety for the users. The only options left with 60 percent users is to update their devices on their own or purchase a phone with the latest software. The OEMs like LG, Samsung and HTC can help their users by supplying the updates, but there will be no support from Google.

Google will not support devices running on Android versions released before KitKat 4.4 : News, News - India Today
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