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I will never do films: Rahul Dravid


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22 Mar 2011

Rahul Dravid has always been popular with the girls, thanks to his good looks, classy Cricket and calm demeanour.

The Rajasthan Royals senior batsman may have done many commercials but has no intention of working in films.

"I will never do films. I know where my talent lies and I wouldn't want to make a fool of myself by acting in films" said Rahul at a recent event.

His contemporaries have come on tv as actors hosting shows or even making cameos in films but Rahul seems to be going the Sachin way.

Sachin Tendulkar who was to make a cameo in Ferrari Ki Sawaari has declined being in the film too.

Well Rahul, we wonder what Cricketers like Kambli, Gavaskar, Jadeja have to say to this.


7 Apr 2011
rahul dravid look like an actor.:D
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