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Discussion in 'Telecom & Broadband' started by Vikram, Feb 20, 2011.

  1. Vikram

    Vikram Staff Member Administrator

    Nov 3, 2010
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    Bikaner, Rajasthan | Gurgaon, Haryana
    Mnp offer in Rajasthan:

    BSNL [Pre]:

    ) Port-in charges will be waived off.
    ii) 32K SIM will be given free of cost. In case of specific demand for other SIMs, actual SIM price
    will be charged.
    iii) Prepaid Connection:-
    a) At the time of activation of all port-in
    customers, additional talk value of Rs.100 will be
    offered in addition to the normal free talk value
    available with FRC.
    b) All port-in customers will be offered 5 GB GPRS
    for one month free of charge.

    MTNL [Pre]

    1. MNP porting Charges Nil
    2. Cost for the SIM Nil
    3. Plans–
    a)MNP 1 – Pay per Second,
    b)MNP 2 – Pay per Minite
    c)MNP 3 – One for All – 50 paise/min local, STD, Roaming
    4. Base Tariff –Jeevan Sathi old
    Base Validity – Jeevan Sathi old
    Temporary Validity – One Year on Activation Temporary Tariff –
    1.Pay per Second
    2.Pay per Minute
    3. One for All
    5. Additional Bonus:
    a)Talk Value Rs.100/-to be consumed in one month
    b)200 MB free data usage for one month
    c)2000 SMS on Local network for one month
    d)100 minutes of Local video calls to be consumed within one month

    Tata Docomo[Pre]

    a)Initial Talk time of Rs.10.
    b)All Local On net calls at 1p/6sec free for 6 months after first On net min of the day charged at 1p/
    c)99 Free local/National SMS free for the day after 1st SMS of the day charged at default rate**.
    d)MRP(Rs.) 100,200,300,410
    Talktime Value (Rs.) 100,220,350,500
    Talktime Validity (Days) As per sim validity

    Airtel [Pre]

    Different Number with different Plan
    Retailer Can check this by *220# and MNP_mobile number to 125
    Mostly 3 Month local Call @40 Paise and Std@60 Paise per Min,Some number Get this Benifite to 6 month