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Mona leaves sasural to reveal the truth in Ram Milaayi Jodi


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22 Mar 2011
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It is earlier reported about Mona’s dilemma to choose between her maayka and sasural and her determination to clear all the misunderstandings. This week, Mona finally moves out of her sasural in Ram Milaayi Jodi.

A source informs, “Mona is sure that Dimpy and Pam are responsible for everything that’s gone wrong in her life. So she decides to find out and reveal the truth about them to both the families. So she leaves her sasural. Meanwhile, Ambaji is very upset with her because in spite of her warning to her of not meeting her parents, she lies to Ambaji about her grandfather’s health and visits them. In tonight’s episode, it will also be revealed that Anukalp and Mona have been supporting each other throughout this ordeal and have been pretending only for the sake of Ambaji. The audiences will also come to know that Mona has already informed Anukalp of her plan and tells him to take care of her in-laws while she figures out the truth. Anukalp will keep pretending to be upset with Mona in front of others.”

Nishant Malkani (Anukalp) confirmed the track.
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