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Discussion in 'Computers, Peripherals and Softwares' started by Bapun Raz, Apr 4, 2011.

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    Nov 3, 2010
    Q. Who can have a VoIP Phone?
    Ans. Any MTNL landline subscriber having a Broadband connection can have a MTNL VoIP
    phone. If broadband is not availed, PSTN customer
    can apply for the same. Q. How can I book a VoIP Phone?
    Ans. A VoIP phone can be booked by through MTNL Customer Centers or by dialling 1500 or
    through MTNL website. Q. How does VoIP Phone work?
    Ans. With VoIP phone, phone calls are converted to digital data which uses part of the bandwidth that
    comes with your MTNL Broadband connection. MTNL VoIP uses 'Voice over Internet
    Protocol' (VoIP) technology and it's just a great
    new way to make and receive phone calls using
    your broadband connection instead of your
    standard phone line. MTNL converts your phone
    calls into data that zips through your high-speed broadband connection just like email. It comes out
    the other end just like a regular phone call. Your
    callers are unlikely to know that it's any different
    since it sounds just like a regular phone call. With MTNL VoIP Service, you can have a additional
    ‘ virtual’ phone line without having to pay for new cabling to your premises. Q. Does MTNL VoIP phone really work like a
    regular line?
    Ans.You just plug your phone in to the telephone adapter and make your calls as usual (VoIP to
    International PSTN/Mobile and MTNL VoIP to MTNL
    VoIP). There is no need to use a headset or install
    additional software. However you will not be able
    to receive calls from any normal PSTN/ Mobile
    phone at present. Q. Does simultaneous Internet browsing affect
    VoIP Phone quality?
    Ans. The speed of browsing will slightly reduce when VoIP phone is working. Quality of voice
    through VoIP phone is not affected by Internet
    Browsing. Q. What services will run simultaneously?
    Ans. The PSTN telephone , Broadband Internet, IPTV & VoIP phone will all work simultaneously on
    your telephone line. Q. What is SIP?
    Ans. SIP stands for Session Initiation Protocol. SIP or Session Initiation Protocol is an application-level
    control protocol for
    setting up, changing and terminating multimedia
    sessions between participants on IP data networks. Q. What does the Telephone Adapter do?
    Ans. The Telephone Adapter is an analogue to digital phone converter. It makes it possible to use
    your MTNL Broadband connection for additional
    virtual lines. Q. What does DHCP mean?
    Ans. DHCP stands for Dynamic Host Configuration protocol. It refers to the way your computer/ATA
    obtains an IP address.
    If you have DHCP enabled on your ATA, your
    Telephone Adapter will get an IP address
    automatically. Q. How much bandwidth does a voice call use?
    Ans. This depends on which codec you choose when you set up the service. MTNL VoIP service is
    currently offering a very bandwidth efficient voice
    coder G.729 which will use only 35Kbps bandwidth
    for a call. Q.Does the bandwidth used while making VoIP
    calls add to my Broadband Bill ?
    Ans. The MB usage of VoIP service is not charged. Q. Do I get another phone number with MTNL
    VoIP Service?
    Ans. When you sign up to MTNL VoIP Service you are given a 8 digit SIP ID number starting with 22.
    You will also keep your existing landline number. Q. Is my MTNL VoIP number listed in the
    telephone directory?
    Ans. Your MTNL VoIP is currently not listed in the telephone directory. Q.If I cancel my MTNL Broadband service will
    this automatically end my MTNL Voice service?
    Ans. Closing your MTNL Broadband Account will automatically cancel your MTNL VoIP service. Q. Are emergency service calls available with
    MTNL VoIP Service?
    Ans. Access to Emergency Services from VoIP phone is not provided. MTNL has provided a
    primary telephone line for contacting the
    emergency services so that they can use your
    geographic telephone number to locate you
    quickly and easily. Q. How good is the voice quality?
    Ans. Voice clarity is much better than a mobile phone and it's unlikely either you or your caller will
    notice the difference to a normal phone line.
    Variations in Call Quality may occur with varying
    international bandwidth conditions. Q. What kind of phones can I use with the
    Ans. Most standard touchtone phones work with MTNL VoIP Service. However, you cannot use older
    pulse-dial phones. Q. Can I connect my VoIP lines to a telephone
    switch (or PBX)?
    Ans. Some PBXs can be configured to support MTNL VoIP lines. However, MTNL VoIP Service is a stand-
    alone solution and will not work with every type of
    PBX. We suggest that you contact your PBX
    manufacturer for further information. Q. Is there is any difference in call made from
    SIP to foreign country between landline &
    Ans. Yes, some country have difference in call rates between landline & mobile. Q. How to check the balance of One's SIP by
    Ans.The customer can check the balance of his SIP by dialling 225# (in DTMF/ Tone mode) from his SIP
    An IVR will announce the balance available.
    If analog phone connected to the ATA is in Decadic
    dialling mode, dial *225# to check the Balance of
    his/her SIP."