Multi-Dwelling Unit


21 Nov 2013
Hi Friends,

Could someone pls share your experience if you are using Airtel MDU in your premises ?? If so, how is the service of Airtel... like do they waive the service charges... do they give any discount if we want to upgrade to HD+ or HD Recorder and other offers etc ? How is the signal strength as they use multiswitches and amplifiers to route the signal from single antenna ??

I have been using this service for the past 5 months. So far no problem, but for the past one week my signal strength dips and fluctuates from 40 to 50, but my neighbor's signal strength show as 73 :'(... I use a stone age HD box :huh of Huawei make with excellent PQ and AQ which I bought for the last cricket world cup at 2011. It hangs now if I watch HD channels and few SD channels like Sony Mix, Sun Music, HBO, AXN etc.. Airtel Engineer says i've to change the box, and I would like to go for a recorder or HD+, so thought of getting inputs from DDtH users, particularly those who are using MDU services..

Thanks in advance for your inputs ..:)
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