Nayanthara Prabhu Deva Wedding Marriage


Dream Pro
25 Mar 2011
According to close sources, The much expected Nayanthara- Prabhu Deva’s Wedding is likely to held in June at Mumbai. The delay is because of, Prabhu Deva to get divorce from his wife Ramlath.Prabhu filed the divorce case before the family court of Chennai last December and Prabhu offered her a huge compensation like a farmhouse in ECR Road, House in Anna Nagar etc.

Now Prabhu Deva is working on transferring some of his properties to his wife Ramlath and sons. The property transfers should happen before June and he should submit the documents at the court before divorce. Based on these property transfers, he would be awarded the divorce.

The divorce is expected to be announced by Chennai family court in the first week
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