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News from Kerala


Dream Shine
18 Aug 2015
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Situation is pathetic... All major towns and many villages and 13 districts under Red Alert ⚠, right now Pathanamthitta District blown under 60 %of water, no electricity, no water, no mobile coverage and no food, even three story buildings are under water... Horrible situations we facing here, continuing heavy raining and storm.....

A r Z

16 Sep 2017
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Situation bad in Ranni also town fully in water. Hope rain stops and gods own country will be saved by God's now. Praying and now going church for relief contributions.


Dream Legend
10 Jan 2014
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It's obvious that CM won't do this. Current CM is from CPIM, the party who lead so many protest for the people when there were times only high caste people were allowed in the temples. The history of the party is with rennaissence. So neither cm not the party won't do this.
(Since the discussion has become political I am shifting the discussion to this thread.)
In Kerala renaissance happened between the 14th and 16th century before the Europeans arrived here. It was during this period that the Kerala school of mathematics flourished. Even in ancient times caste was not an issue in Kerala. The royal family was very popular with all communities and every caste had high standing in ancient Kerala. Even in later times caste reforms were carried out by spiritual movements like Arya Samaj, Sree Narayana Guru and pre-independence Congress leaders who supported Mahatma Gandhi. The only things the communist did was create strike by mobilizing farmers and industrial workers.

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