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Nokia E6 Price and Availability

Bapun Raz

Staff member
3 Nov 2010

Nokia announced the E6 earlier today and it is a successor to the popular E72 handset.You must
have seen the photos. The E6 packs a display with a 640×480 pixel resolution in such a small form-
factor. It’ s still powered by a not so fast 680MHz processor which makes it possible for this handset
to quote a 14.8 hour talk time on GSM and 7.5
hours on 3G with almost 30 days of stand by time.
The handset also ships with the Symbian Anna
update which brings a new UI and other features. Nokia E6-00 Price and
Availability Nokia has revealed the price of the phone to be
340 euros which is around 490 USD or Rs.21000
approx before taxes. The E6-00 will be available globally in Q2 , 2011
except in Canada, USA, Korea and Japan. So this
handset will be coming to India eventually. There
will be a separate version of the E6 for North
America (NAM) and will be availble in Q3. Are you going to buy the E6-00 ?


Dream Pro
22 Mar 2011
It looks similar to E5, which I am using for some time now. But the price of E-5 is only Rs.10000, with allmost all business features. I like the phone very much, as I don't like Blackberry. Also the Blackberry usage charges per month is very high.
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