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Petrol: The most expensive and cheapest nations


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22 Mar 2011
With average petrol prices touching historic highs, a plenty of Indians are worried over the cost of filling up.

Experts say the price of petrol is skyrocketting because of the unrest in the Middle East and rising demand, especially from developing countries.

Even though prices in India are high, they are still lower than most of the European countries, where high taxes and lack of subsidies mean going to a petrol station to fill up your car can really make a dent in your wallet.

Around the world, petrol prices in countries such as Turkey, Eritrea and Norway are the highest, while in Saudi Arabia and Venezuela they are lowest.

Let us have a look at what people are paying at petrol pumps around the world.

Turkey: Rs 114.50 per litre
Eritrea: Rs 114.03 per litre
Norway: Rs. 110 per litre
Greece: Rs 101.07 per litre
Denmark: Rs 100 per litre
Sweden: Rs 97.27 per litre
The United Kingdom: Rs 97.15 per litre
The Netherlands: Rs 95.25 per litre

Qatar: Rs 10.46 per litre
Kuwait: Rs 9.63 per litre
Bahrain: Rs 9.51 per litre
Turkmenistan: Rs 8.55 per litre
Saudi Arabia: Rs 5.35 per litre
Venezuela: Rs 0.71 per litre

The United States: Rs 43.7 per litre
China: Rs 47.50 per litre
Pakistan: Rs 43.29 per litre
India: Rs 63 per litre



14 Feb 2011
Very Nice info..! :clapsmiley:
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