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Samsung Galaxy SL i9003 Priced at Rs.19499

Bapun Raz

Staff member
Nov 3, 2010

In case you were looking to buy the Galaxy S phone in India , you better check out the soon-to- be launched Galaxy S i9003 which is pretty similar to the i9000 but sports a 4 inch Super Clear LCD Display.
It looks like a low cost version of the Galaxy S priced at just Rs.19499 according to the online retailer.
The phone will sport a 1650mAh battery a 1GHz OMAP CPU and will be running Android 2.2 It ’ s slightly heavier than the Galaxy S at 131g and have 16GB inbuilt memory. Other features including the 5MP Camera with HD video recording are retained.

Sorce: www.flipkart.com/samsung-galaxy-s-lcd-i9003-mobile-mobcvwavyvzuyh5c?affid=ORFoneAren