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Shweta Tiwari erratic behaviour prompted the director to walk out


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22 Mar 2011

There is only one thing that has always been constant with TV actress Shweta Tiwari — tantrums. She is now living up to her image in B-town too! The actress gave so much grief to the director of Bin Bulaye Baarati, Chandrakant Singh, that he walked out of the sets. It took a great deal of persuasion from the producer and crew members to get him back. Here’s a list of allegations against the actress...


Sources on the sets reveal that Shweta was always late by at least two-three hours.


The designers had a harrowing time as she rejected their outfits and wanted to see fresh stock all the time. Like A-list Bollywood stars, she wanted a bouquet of clothes and shoes to choose from. She even made them go through last minute measurement changes and then rejected the clothes citing fitting problems.


What the director and crew members could not comprehend was why her boyfriend Abhinav Kohli was always on the sets. He used to stay on till pack-up time and, crew members say, it is because of him that the shoots got delayed. The two would lock themselves in the vanity van for about two hours with her spotboy and crew members too terrified to call her.


On one occassion, Shweta even shouted at the crew members. This time it was because she had to stay on for a little extra time. She told the production crew that the director needed to do his job better. This reached Chandrakant, who then staged a walk-out. He told BT, “It is true that I was mighty upset with Shweta. I thought what she was doing was uncalled for, but I realised that people are not the same. They will collide; what’s important is that we come together and do our jobs professionally. I wanted to finish the work that I had taken up and not leave it half-way. I was contacted by my team and when I got back, I even sorted out things with Shweta. After that I have had no problems with her.”

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