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Good News Some achievements to share with DDF friends....


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7 Apr 2012
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Hi friends,

Today I am proudly sharing 3 of my recent achievements. 2 related to DDF, 1 Personal.

First DDF.

1. Recently completed 13,000 + Posts.
2. Received 6,010 + Likes.

Thanks to DDF for recognition of hard work.

I joined this forum on 07/04/2012 before that I was guest for some time. Never ever thought that I shall be able to continue for 5 + years. Just joined. But later became addicted to it. I have already admitted earlier that DDF is my second family. No doubts on that. DDF has achieved heights with hard work from all members, team staffs.

A proud moment for me. Never liked to be in the race of getting tags, just preferred sharing because as I am studying B.Ed I quote from an eminent person "sharing increases knowledge."

All members are very helpful here. I am indebted to all. As the list is long cant mention all. In these 5+ years I have made many friends in DDF.

First, I would mention about Bapun Raz bro without whose support continuing for 5 + years was almost impossible.

Then friends like Vikram, Vicky, Rushil, Sarkar, Wewake, Shubh, Basil, Sarafaraz, Cheziyan, Gobinaath, Amarnath, Hassan, ABCDEFGH, Shantanu, Shawl, sagR, ilikered, Ritesh and others have always been helpful. Also not to forget names of big brothers Gssran, Sadiq Anna, Mmadhankumar bro all have been so supportive.

If I missed any name kindly consider as the list is huge who I am indebted to for help in these 5 + years.

Thank You Bapun bro for giving me a chance. Thanks Vikram bro. May God bless you all. May you get all peace and happiness.

Now my personal achievement.

Recently my B.Ed Semester 1 results came out. I got 71% bro. I am very happy thats why I shared it here. Also in my college I am in top ten.

Finally thanks a lot DDF, thanks a lot everyone. God bless, take care, stay happy.
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27 Oct 2016
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Congratulation @Bishnu15 Bro :happy


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14 Nov 2012
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Congratulations :)


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5 Jan 2015
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Congrats @Bishnu15 bhai my best wishes for ur personal achievement as well as achievement in our 2nd family ;);):):kiss:v

U never ever my name in ur any list thanks mentioning it bro ;):):v

God bless more achievement on the way for urs


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