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T-Mobile G2X Price and Launch Date Revealed

Bapun Raz

Staff member
Nov 3, 2010
T-Mobile USA has announced the price and launch
date for the first Dual Core 4G phone on it’ s network the T-Mobile G2x which is a slightly
modified LG Optimus 2X The main difference between G2x and Optimus 2X
is that the G2x runs on a stock Android 2.2 and
bears the T-Mobile branding. The G2X will be
available online starting from April 15, 2011 and in
stores April 20, 2011 . The price is $199.99 after
$50 mail in rebate and with new 2 year contract. The price of the handset without a contract is
$499.99. [via T-Mobile]