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Ten Sports Channel Will Be Availble Hindi Audio Starts On 11th Jan 2015

Dileep Kumar

8 Jul 2013
Ten Sports Channel Will Be Availble Hindi Audio Starts On Sunday 11th Jan 2015 At 10am


Dream Expert
30 Sep 2012
Nice share dileep bro. So enjoy hindi feed from 11th jan.


Dream Shine
25 May 2013
Only for dish TV customers has ten sports is owned by Zee (dish TV) :sp :eek:hya :luv


6 Jul 2011
Come the New Year, come January 2015.....watching WWE on Ten Sports will never be the same. WWE Raw will be broadcasted LIVE on Tuesday mornings while WWE Specials will be aired same day as in US on Monday’s. Not only that, for the first time ever, WWE Main Event will be shown in India on Thursday’s.

Apart from the weekly shows, Sunday mornings will be boring no more. Ten Sports will telecast a brand new customized show “Sunday Raw Dhamaal”, where you fans can feature on the show. There will be more of Raw and Smackdown with 2 hours and 1 hour special shows during the week including shows in Hindi.

Below you can find the timing listing of your favourite shows. Mark the listings on your calendars, will be handy:

WWE Raw (3 hours):

First Air- Tuesday at 6:30AM LIVE with the US
Second Air- Tuesday at 4PM
Third Air- Tuesday at 9PM

WWE Raw (2 hours):

First Air- Wedesday at 5PM
Second Air- Wednesday at 10PM (If WWE Specials on air then on Thursday at 4PM)
Third Air- Thursday at 8AM

WWE Main Event:

First Air- Thursday at 6PM
Second Air- Thursday at 10PM
Third Air- Friday at 8AM

WWE Smackdown (2 hour):

First Air- Friday at 5PM
Second Air- Friday at 10PM
Third Air- Saturday at 11AM


First Air- Saturday at 5PM
Second Air- Saturday at 10PM
Third Air- Sunday at 4PM (on Ten Action)

Sunday Raw Dhamaal (1 hour):

First Air: Sunday at 10AM
Second Air: Monday at 330PM
Third Air: Monday at 9PM (on Ten Action)

WWE Smackdown (1 hour):

First Air- Monday at 5PM
Second Air- Monday at 10PM
Third Air- Monday at 11PM (on Ten Action)

WWE Specials:

First Air- Monday at 6PM
Second Air- Wednesday at 9PM
Third Air- Sunday at 2PM

WWE Smackdown (Hindi):

First Air- Sunday at 11:30AM
Second Air- Monday at 8AM

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