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Times TV Network’s Ajay Trigunayat reveals plans to launch premium VoD platform

Dinesh jain

Staff member
Dream MOD
3 Feb 2014
Former Times Television Network
(TTN) CEO of English channels Ajay Trigunayat
has once again been bitten by the
entrepreneurial bug.

Trigunayat, who had quit the Times Group in
April last year, has decided to pursue his long-
time dream of launching a premium video-on-
demand (VOD) platform in India.

“I am planning to launch AQT [Action Quality
Time], a VoD platform, by September-October
this year. This is something I have been longing
to do for many years, well before joining Times
Television,” Trigunayat told TelevisionPost.com.
Trugunayat had joined Times Television Network
in 2009 and launched Movies Now and Romedy
Now. Prior to that, he was for a while an
entrepreneur in West Asia. He later got busy with
the launch of channels.

“Once an entrepreneur, always an entrepreneur,”
he quipped, before adding that while the VoD
dream was there, launching of Movies Now took
two and a half years and a lot of focus.

“Now all the term sheets are in place and in-
principle agreements are there too. AQT will be
available on all devices soon,” he said.

“While Netflix is only SVoD [subscriber VoD], we
will additionally have transactional VoD [TVoD],
electronic sell-through [EST] and pay per view
[PPV]. We want to give multiple options to
subscribers,” he explained.

While SVoD allows subscribers to pay a
subscription fee and consume as much content
on a monthly basis, TVoD is the opposite of
SVoD. With TVoD the customer pays for each
individual VoD programme. Secure TVOD
authenticates the video server to verify payment
based on IP address. It allows for a number of

Former Times TV Network head honcho Ajay Trigunayat reveals plans to launch premium VoD platform | TelevisionPost.com
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