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Discussion Which digital streaming service


Dream Legend
1 Jun 2013
Use the ICICI's pockets app. Add 129 rupees to its prepaid debit card using your bank. Then you can get monthly subscription. First month is free for ICICI bank users. They will only deduct 2 rupees and return it within a week.
So virtual debit card works in amazon prime ?


Dream Legend
1 Jun 2013
Oh look one more reason to hate Hotstar, they have reduced the free stream from 10 min to 1 min, This is the reason why piracy thriving


Dream Shine
12 May 2012
Jio Cinema works pretty good on firestick however its PQ lacks in majority of its contents.
Netflix is the costliest of all because of its international content and quality. E.g i compared amazon prime and Netflix for hindi movie "Andaz apna apna" you will understand what i mean here.
Yes, I agree with you on Netlix picture quality, I have compared the quality in Netflix and Amazon Prime on my Sony TV and found that Netflix has far better picture quality than Amazon Prime. There is shine and amazing clarity in Netflix which is not there in Amzon Prime but Netflix is far too costly and not affordable. Also Netflix will consume far more data from your broadband than Amazon. Amazon might be compressing their picture more for providing it in cheaper price. If we pay more, we will get better picture quality but in Netflix we are paying upto 8 times for Rs 800 pack which is not acceptable.

Dipjyoti Roy

Dream Shine
23 Aug 2018
Every streaming services has their own pros and cons. It is not possible to rate them accordingly in their order at the moment. I am highlighting the pros and cons of the all mainstream streaming services.

Pros : Available on across platforms. The company they hired to manage their social media account is awesome.
Cons : Overpriced and overrated. Most of their Netflix original movies and series are unwatchable. Netflix have very limited Bollywood movies. Netflix movies comes on TV before premiering on Netflix. Biggest cons are they want to get involved in politics. Here's an example they didn't called out Sanjay Gandhi for vasectomy or L.K. Advani for demolition of Babri Masjid. Despite mentioning topics on the show. They even showed footage of Babri Masjid demolition. But they defamed Rajeev Gandhi. They even acquire everything that's anti-hindu (fictious shows). Making the excuse of freedom of speech of course.

Amazon Prime
Pros - Very cheap subscription for the content they offer.
Cons - UI is completely disorganized. Recommendation is average. X-Ray feature gets annoying at times. App is removed from most smart tvs and android boxes. No Chromecast support either.

Pros - Available on across platforms. You get HBO and Showtime shows at the cheapest price in the world. Hooq content is also included with the subscription. Sports fans gets to opted for sports plan.
Cons - They have silently removed multiple payment methods from their monthly subscription plan. Hotstar has forgotten that it's an Indian company. Very few bollywood movies premiers on the platform. Football streaming is also bad. Cricket matches are handled flawlessly by them. Same people end up ruining a streams of football. Also premium should be at least an hour after US telecast. No one is willing to pay and wait.

Pros - It's completely free.
Cons - No option to remove ads. Censorship is weird. Uncut episodes of Indian shows are available. International shows are heavily censored. Shows which are available on MTV Asia's site at good quality are of very bad quality on Voot. For example first season of Awkward is in 720p on MTV Asia's site. Same is in 4:3 format on Voot. Voot till now doesn't have android tv app.

Sony Liv
Pros - Available across platforms. Letting other streaming services like Jio Cinema and YouTube host their content.
Cons - Everything about Sony Liv sucks. They can't handle streaming of live sports. Movies are heavily censored. Content is completely not secure. They are ripping off companies and movie studios. Every thing available for rent and premium stream can be easily extract using third party sites and apps. Ironically downloading on the app takes forever and fails most of the time.

Pros - Most of the popular English series are available. Subscription is also cheap.
Cons - Uses too much bandwidth. Also doesn't stream in slow network. Tutorials are not user friendly.

Pros - Good original movies.
Cons - Customer service is pathetic. They take weeks to respond. They very often misses to add new episodes due to technical issues.

Alt Balaji
Pros - Available across platforms. Offers good and unique series at times.
Cons - Most of the shows are of very bad quality.

Pros - Offers the best content at the moment.
Cons -

Pros -
Cons - No one I ever knew was being able to stream anything live. They are responsible for India missing out sporting event like McGregor vs Mayweather fight and EFL.

Pros - Available across platforms. Good original content.
Cons - Subscription is required for premium content which offers old Bollywood movies. Most of them are uploaded on youtube by their respective studios for free on YouTube.
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