Zee Rang TV license cancelled by MIB

ZEEL surrenders Zee Rang TV channel license merely 12 months after MIB approved it.

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The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting (MIB) today updated its Cancelled TV Channels database with the cancellation of Zee Entertainment Enterprises Limited’s ‘Zee Rang’ TV channel license. The Ministry’s recent cancellation has increased the number of cancelled TV channels till date from 343 to 344.

As per the Ministry, ‘Zee Rang’ TV channel license has been cancelled since the company surrendered the license to MIB. The Ministry cancelled the TV channel license today, merely 1 year after it first granted the TV channel license to ZEEL.

ChannelCompany NameUL & DL/ UL Only/ DL OnlyCategoryDate of Permission (DD/MM/YYYY)Date of Cancellation of Permission (DD/MM/YYYY)Reason for Cancellation
Zee RangZEE ENTERTAINMENT ENTERPRISES LIMITEDuplink and downlinkNON-NEWS2020-08-19T14:36:31.051+00003/9/2021Surrendered by the company

ZEEL on 19th August 2020 had bagged four fresh satellite TV licenses namely Zee Rang, Zee Zabardast, Zee Picchar HD, and Zee Thirai HD. The four TV channel licenses were granted in the ‘NON-NEWS’ category with uplink and downlink permission in various languages.

MIB had recently also cancelled Living Entertainment Enterprises Private Limited’s ‘Living Travelz‘ satellite TV channel license. The Ministry revoked the permission on 18th August 2021 noting‘Not Required’ as the reason for the cancellation of the TV channel license.

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Mib canceled 3 channels licence.
Before it was 915 now 912.
1 channel is Zee Rang
Which are other two?

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Mib canceled 3 channels licence.
Before it was 915 now 912.
1 channel is Zee Rang
Which are other two?

Nothing cancelled. They removed multiple entries.

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