Zee Thirai celebrates the passion and inspiration that Tamil Cinema evokes with its new brand campaign

The channel has unveiled its brand campaign across media platforms that reflect the brand tagline – “Rathathil Kalandhadhu Cinema” which implies that “Cinema runs through our veins”. The campaign is reflective of the passion and love for Cinema that Tamilians hold close to their hearts. It highlights the cultural and emotional connection that fans associate with the values and memories associated with Cinema, which in turn fuels a heroic spirit in them. The two brand films present a fresh and unique take on the challenging moments of life that are dealt with in an emotional manner that almost feels movie-like.

Zee Thirai celebrates the passion and inspiration that Tamil Cinema evokes with its new brand campaign

Tamil cinema has always stood for furthering the Tamil culture, social causes and always underlying messaging for the larger good. It’s a place where we see heroes from various walks of life come alive. Zee Thirai is here to showcase movies that are inspired from life and inspire life.

To bring alive the channel’s proposition the first film addresses the stereotypes associated with widows participating in auspicious family events. It opens the audiences’ minds to be forthcoming and accepting towards the circumstances of life and allow for an environment of love and endearment.

The second film brings out the tender nature of the relationship between parents and children through the eyes of a young couple who were both raised as orphans. It highlights the transcending power of compassion that goes beyond blood. Alike to power of Cinema, the films aim to create an impact on society with its powerful story-telling and heart-warming themes.

The brand campaign will be supported by a multimedia campaign covering outdoors, digital platforms, DTH & Cable platforms and key Print mediums. The channel is set to differentiate itself from the competition with its unique communication tonality which essentially rides on how cinema is so strongly embedded in the simplest of moments in our tense.  The campaign which commenced in January is to go on till April with the intent to aggressively build the channel awareness and subscription.

The channel within its opening week itself has become the Num 2 channel in terms of time spent across TN markets and is at Num3 position in terms of GRPs in the Chennai Market.
Set to emerge as a strong contender in the movie space, the biggest USP of Zee Thirai is its movie segments across its library of 400+ films that are niche and are set to capture the interest of fans of Tamil Cinema across genres.

The key movie segments include –

  *  52 premieres in 52 weeks – In a first for the Tamil Television Industry, Zee Thirai is set to premiere 52 films over 52 days presenting audiences with notable and distinct premieres that viewers can now enjoy in the comfort of their homes. The premieres will be telecast every Friday at 7 PM. The upcoming WTPs in this segment include Savarakathi, Vidhi Mathi Ulta, Nagesh Thiraiarangam and Maniyar Kudumbam.
  *  Filter Kaviyam – The segment is dedicated to featuring the best of yesteryear classics that have set the precedent for progressive storytelling and distinct characterizations in Tamil Cinema today. It allows movie lovers to re-discover the forgotten magic of the 70s and 80s every morning at 6 AM. The upcoming films in this segment include
  *  Naduvula Konjum break-a kanum – This break-less movie segment promises to give its audiences non-stop entertainment with no ad-breaks. This uninterrupted movie experience can be enjoyed every single day at 11 30 AM. The upcoming films in this segment include
  *  7 Mani Saravedi – Unwind with your loved ones after a long day with yet another bouquet of fantastic movies with Zee Thirai at 7 PM daily.  The upcoming films in this segment include
  *  Theri Fridays – Understanding the viewers’ pulse for mass films, this segment aims to begin the weekend festivities with a bang and present unparalleled movie entertainment for audiences throughout the day. Fridays on Zee Thirai will be filled with fun and super-hit films throughout the day. The upcoming films in this segment include
  *  Blockbuster Sunday – The segment will feature films that have set the box-office ablaze and bring alive the charisma of Kollywood’s biggest stars to the living room that families can enjoy together. This segment can be enjoyed every Sunday at 11:30 AM. Upcoming movies in this segment include Sindhbadh, Magalir Mattum, Mersal, Rajini Murugan and Vanamagan.

Stay tuned to witness the best of Tamil Cinema come alive exclusively on Zee Thirai!

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